Off with her head

Tonight Val and I headed over to Jen’s house where we met Kerri to play some Pinochle. I brought some
Smirnoff Twisted V Mandarin Orange along to add to the fun.

If you’ve never played Pinochle you really should it’s a fairly fun game. It takes a little time to learn, but the best way is to watch some people who are patient enough to walk you through what they are doing. It’s one of those games that has deep roots in strategy in how you play your cards and how you try and coax your opponents to play their cards too.

On another note I’ve been sick for about the last week and it hasn’t been too much fun. I think it’s been a sinus infection which really just gives me headaches and a burning sensation in my nose and a lot of congestion. Really no fun at all.

Last night was a lot of fun going to see Richard Swift at the Hotel Cafe. If you want to hear some good music head over to Richard’s site and take a look and if your looking for a cool place to go to hear live music head out to the Hotel Cafe, they’ve got live music most nights of the week. You can even occasionally catch Alexi Murdoch (who I need to see myself) playing there. The only downside was that the show didn’t start til around 10:45 which meant that it got over around 11:30 plus travel time home and such it was around 12:15 by the time I finally walked into the house. Let’s just say between the sinus infection and the lateness I didn’t make it to painting houses today.

Tomorrow I have an all day retreat for Jive the High School group. We are headed out to a beach house in Oxnard to meet as a leader team to discuss the upcoming year and talk about how to better minister to these kids. Should be a lot of fun.

And tomorrow night I’m headed over to AJ’s house to head out to Spectrum (a gym that Bobby works at) to play some Racquetball. Then we will head back to the house to engage in some heavy fighting via Halo.

This weekend is pretty packed with things to do and I’m not too sure that I’ll be able to recover all that well. Hopefully I’ll get some rest and start to feel better.